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        健康新概念—有氧桑拿New Healthy Concept—Aerobic Sauna

        原創文章:青島希尼爾翻譯公司 http://www.community-place.com




        With rapid development of urban economy, people’s living standard increases continuously and they start to pursue higher level of healthy life. As a new healthy concept, oxygen bar often appears before us.

        As is well known, far-infrared sauna room is mainly used for far-infrared physical therapy. Infrasmart breaks the routine and introduces new market space.

        Generally, oxygen covers 21% in air and the left is made of other gases such as nitrogen. The oxygen infiltration of such oxygen enriched membrane is better than nitrogen infiltration. When air passes by the oxygen enriched membrane, it will reach higher oxygen density. In general, oxygen has no harm to human body when its density is lower than 35%. In the air filtrated by oxygen enriched membrane, oxygen density increases from 21% to 30%. In this case, no matter lactic acid value in your body is higher after strenuous exercises or oxygen is insufficient in your brain after metal work, abundant oxygen can play the role in recovering physical and mental forces.

        To mention oxygen bar, what people think firstly is to enjoy fresh air outdoors or absorb high-oxygen air in forest garden. Infrasmart seizes the blank space of sauna room market. Oxygen sauna attracts many consumers’ eyes. Infrasmart far-infrared oxygen sauna box with Holland technology combines far-infrared sauna and oxygen bar and realizes aerobic sauna.



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