Tips for the New Homeowner for Maintaining Your HVAC System

When you buy your first home, you may be walking in the door with about enough cash to buy dinner. After you spend every dollar to finally be a homeowner, the last thing you need is to start experiencing trouble with the heating and cooling system. Small neglected problems quickly turn to costly emergencies when it comes to the HVAC system, so these tips on maintaining the system from can save you a small fortune.  Please visit them when you need AC repair Myrtle Beach or the low country.

AC Repair Myrtle Beach1. Trim back any weeds, bushes, or tree branches that could be impacting the flow of the fans around the outside fan system of your HVAC. Open the cover and remove any dirt, debris, or trash trapped inside because it might slow down the flow of the fan blades.

2. Run your hand over the air handler that is inside the house. If you feel any treated air escaping through the cover, place some duct tape over it to seal it. The more air escaping means the system has to run harder to maintain your room temperature.

3. Don’t assume that the thermostat has an accurate reading of the air temperature inside the house. Get a separate reading to compare because even a few degrees off could mean you are running your system longer than need be and wearing away at the moving parts more easily.

4. The air filters are the least expensive way to ensure your HVAC system is operating in a peak state. If those filters are clogged and not replaced, the handler is going to be working harder to try and push all that treated air through the ducts. The harder it tried, the faster things wear out and a small problem becomes an emergency in short order.

5. Check all the windows and the doors throughout the house to make sure the weather-stripping is in working order. If the stripping is dry, brittle, cracked, or missing, replace it because treated air is easily escaping the house in these locations. The air that is escaping needs to be replaced, so your HVAC system is running longer than it need be.

6. Call a local HVAC repair company so they can come out to your home and inspect the entire system a few times each year to spot those little issues that could turn to major emergencies.

Take these tips for maintaining your HVAC system to heart, and you will be extending the life of the system for possibly many years to come.