The Key to Engaging Visitors to Your Website

Charleston SEOClient engagement these days is all about entertaining your visitors. Today, a person visiting a website wants to consume information quickly and move on, things simply move at the speed of light online these days. Instead of writing pages and pages of fresh content each week, there are a number of other ways to get people to return to your website to engage with your content.

onQsites a Charleston SEO expert, gives you a few ways that you can make your content fresh and interesting for the new visitors to your website.

A visitor coming to your website to learn how important keywords are does not want to read a 1,000 word article. One of the ways to engage them is to create an info-graphic. This is a visual of the information you are trying to say, like how a photograph says a million words. They can look at the graphic and better be informed in a visual way, something that will certainly hold their attention longer and keep them coming back.

If you wanted to know one of the top websites online today, it would be YouTube. Everyone loves videos. Instead of writing or the information, tell them in a video. If you are camera-shy about talking on a video, using words is a great way for the visitor to sit back and allow you to spoon feed them the information instead. If you are not sure how to make a video, website like Fiverr can make them for you for as little as $5.

Another great way to improve client engagement is to simply have them upload content from your website. Perhaps you have information on your website about the 8 keys to SEO success, but you only list two of them. Then you simply say for the other parts of the article, simply enter your e-mail and we provide an upload link to the rest of the content. Now you have their contact information for following up with them, that is the key to content marketing.

Podcasts or online classes are another way to get the visitors engaged with you and your website. These sessions can also help you to better understand the needs of your potential customers too as they interact and respond to your posts.

Now that you know what needs to be done to improve client engagement, don’t get overwhelmed here. Simply start with one thing a week and before you know it the website will be full of visitors gathering information.