How to Research a Community Real Estate Agent Before Hiring

homes for sale CharlestonBefore hiring any local real estate agent, you have to make sure you are ready to work with this individual for months and possibly years. If you are trying to buy in a seller’s market or sell in a buyer’s market, if you are not doing things correctly you could be at this for years. Some sellers working with the wrong realtors take years to sell a house that other realtors more qualified could sell in months.

Here are a few tips from Premier One a homes for sale Charleston SC listing service, on how to find the best qualified local real estate agent to help you with your realty needs.

The most obvious place to start your quest for a realtor is word of mouth. Start spreading the word with family, friends, and coworkers, and see if anyone has had any recent experiences with a local real estate agent. This should at the least help you to narrow down the search and distinguish between realtors who did an amazing job and those who were not recommended.

Take to Facebook for the next part of your search for a qualified real estate agent. Join a few local real estate groups or the rant and rave group in your town, and realtors of all experience will be presented to you. Take these posts with a grain of salt, but you should get a better feel when some residents are raving and others complaining about their experiences with local real estate agents.

Head over to the website or social profile of some of the realtor names you have come up with so far. The good thing about social media is you can sit back and remain anonymous and really gather information about the skill level of a realtor. On their social media profile, they will be answering concerns from clients, helping new potential clients, and just posting information about everything realty related. Once you feel comfortable, drop a question on their page to get even more detailed information.

Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for finding the top realtors in your area. These realtors are often recognized with awards and accommodations for their service in a community. These can often help sway you towards a particular real estate agent if the choices are too close.

Now that you know why finding the right real estate agent is so important in your journey, take your time and make sure you find someone you can relate to on a number of different levels.